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Services: Classic Lashes and Waxing (new services coming soon)

For bookings and questions, please contact Anisa directly

call or text 416 873 7958


Cormorant Garamond is a classic font with a modern twist. It's easy to read on screens of every shape and size, and perfect for long blocks of text.

Classic Lashes - full set    $60 (till August 31st)

Classic lash - mini fill      $40

Classic lash - fill               $60

Lash removal                    $25

Lash Shampoo                  $10


Lower leg                     $20

Full leg                         $45

Chin lip or side           $8

Half arm                      $12

Full arm                       $20

Brows                           $12

Underarms                   $15

Stomach/abd               $15

Full face inc brows      $18

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